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The Organ is for Sale!

I have decided to sell the organ. I was never able to play it properly, and I really do not need such a large and complicated instrument. I would hope that someone else can get better use from it. Here is a description from a selling point of view. There is more information on the main organ page.

For sale, a digital pipe organ built into a Klann/Moller console dating from the 1960’s. It is in light oak with cherry keydesk and stop jambs. A lot of solid oak, some veneered plywood, but generally very solidly built. It is heavy, and will require a truck with a ramp or preferably a lift gate to move it, similar to moving a piano. It is top heavy and will need to be firmly strapped into the truck.

The computer runs Windows 7, and the currently loaded organ software is GrandOrgue. The computer is ready to take both Windows 10 and Hauptwerk if required. I have a dongle for Hauptwork V2 but cannot guarantee that it will work. There is a Creative Live 5.1 soundcard in the computer. There are no speakers, but two Conn four-channel 50-watt amplifiers are included if required.

The console has three 61-note manuals, Swell, Great and Choir, and a thirty-two-note AGO-spec. RC pedalboard. The solid oak bench contains two Aura Bass Shakers for enhancement of sub frequencies. There are 80 drawknobs, including the couplers. There are no coupler rocker tabs. There are six general pistons, four pistons for each manual, and setter and GC pistons. There is also a floating Echo division. There is a complete combination action using DTS electronics. The MIDI interface for the keys and stops is by Devtronix. There is a Edirol MIDI/USB interface for connection to the computer. There are three swell pedals and a Crescendo pedal, and toe pistons to complement the manual pistons. Everything is configurable in the GrandOrgue software.

WARNINGS: The organ is old, and the SAMs (Stop Action Magnets) are showing their age. I have overhauled them all, but occasionally one will misbehave. This organ is ideally suited for someone who enjoys tinkering, has some electronic skill, and has reasonable computer abilities to program the Grand Orgue or Hauptwerk definition file.

Windows 7 limits RAM to two gigabytes, which means that presently a lot of sample sets cannot be installed. The OS should be upgraded to Windows 10. The computer is quite powerful, and has 8 gigs of RAM installed, all of which will become available under Windows 10.

The Edirol USB interface may not function under Windows 10. I have looked for Windows 10 drivers and cannot find them. If you upgrade to Windows 10, you may need to use an alternative method to send the MIDI to the computer. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to accomplish this.

I feel that a fair price for this instrument is $2,500. If you come to purchase the organ and at that point decide you don’t want it, that is acceptable. Of course I cannot ship it, you must collect it from my home in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California.

I have replaced the  “positively dreadful” wiring mentioned in the main description.

There are a lot of spare parts, including a complete keyboard with contacts, swell pedals, drawknobs and SAMs, crescendo roller, etc.

I will give you everything I have in the way of sample sets, documentation etc. I will also be glad to help with any information you need, and assist with any problems that might arise.